Live in Care for Mr P.M. – Cobham, Surrey

Peter from Cobham

A lovely testimonial sent to us by Peter from Cobham.

Client Testimonial

“I am writing this review with immense gratitude for the extraordinary care and support my wife Mary and I received from Clarendon Home Care, particularly from our dedicated live-in carer, Lynda.

In 2021, we found ourselves in a challenging situation, and the Clarendon team swiftly stepped in to provide the compassionate assistance we desperately needed. Living in Cobham, Surrey, we were matched with Lynda, and from the very beginning, she became an integral part of our lives….

Lynda’s practical skills were evident in her seamless management of household chores and tasks, but her impact went far beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of caregiving. What truly set Lynda apart was the genuine connection she formed with Mary, especially during the tumultuous times of her illness and the isolating grip of the Covid lockdown.

As Mary’s health declined, Lynda’s unwavering dedication became a beacon of light for both of us. The bond that blossomed between Lynda and Mary was nothing short of remarkable. Despite the challenges posed by Mary’s deteriorating mental health, including moments of anger and aggression, Lynda remained a constant source of comfort and support.

Even though Mary is no longer with us, the friendship between Lynda and me endures. Lynda continues to check in on me, providing not only practical assistance but also the warmth of a true friend. This ongoing connection has been a lifeline, and I am grateful for the genuine care that extends beyond the formalities of a caregiver-patient relationship.

Throughout our journey, Clarendon Home Care consistently demonstrated their commitment to our well-being. Whenever Lynda needed a well-earned break, the agency ensured that capable and caring substitutes seamlessly filled her shoes. This continuity of care was crucial for Mary’s peace of mind and, subsequently, mine.

In my experience, Clarendon Home Care provides the very best caregivers, and Lynda exemplifies the qualities of caring, kindness, and dedication. I cannot thank Clarendon Home Care and Lynda enough for their support during one of the most challenging periods of our lives. They are a true testament to the power of compassionate caregiving.”