Specialist Care by Clarendon

Our specialist home care services are designed to meet the specific needs of adults with complex or ongoing health conditions. Specialist care services provide the specific support you or your loved one need to live comfortably and confidently at home.

You may be considering specialist care at home if you or a loved one are managing a complex health condition, need end of life care, specialist medication management, or respite care.

After-Stroke Care

Home-based recovery, offering assistance with daily tasks and therapy in familiar surroundings.

Alzheimer’s Care

Supporting memory, safety, and daily needs as the disease progresses.

Arthritis Care

Managing pain, slowing damage, and improving joint function through medication, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Bariatric Care

Focus on wound care, pain management, rest, and following doctor’s orders for a smooth healing process.

Brain Injury Care

Providing support with daily tasks, rehabilitation, and emotional well-being to help individuals regain independence.

Cancer Care

Dedicated assistance with daily tasks, medication, treatment recovery and emotional support.

Dementia Care

Helping loved ones stay safe, happy and independent at home with specialised care and familiar routines.

Diabetes Care

Assistance with monitoring food, blood sugar, and medication, promoting healthy habits at home.

Disability Care

Helping people with disabilities live independently at home, providing daily support and promoting dignity.

Elderly Care

Helping seniors live safely at home with daily tasks, errands, and companionship.

End of Life Care

Comforting care at home, managing pain, helping people find peace in their final days.

Hospital Discharge Care

Support following a hospital visit for operations or treatments.

Motor Neurone Disease Care

Support with daily tasks, mobility, and managing symptoms, allowing you to stay comfortable at home.

Palliative Care

Bringing comfort and dignity, managing pain for a peaceful life’s end at home.

Parkinson’s Care

Managing symptoms with medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes to improve daily living.

Post-Operative Care

Focus on wound care, pain management, rest, and following doctor’s orders for a smooth healing process.

Respite Care

Offers temporary relief for caregivers, allowing them a break while someone else cares for their loved one.

How do I arrange visiting home care?


Talk to our friendly team

Call our care team on 0208 439 7722 to discuss your care needs or for more general advice and support.


Home visit assessment

We’ll arrange for an expert care manger to visit you at home to learn more about you and the assistance you want to receive.


Find your carer

We’ll find and pair you with a carer (or carers) who have the right skills to help meet your needs.

Get In Touch

All home care starts with a conversation so that we can get to know more about you and your unique circumstances.

Get in touch now with a member of our care team and let us help you with the planning and cost of care at home. You can request a callback or a home visit, or just ask a question.

We’ll arrange for one of our expert team to respond asap to discuss your home care needs.