Which Live in Carer?

It’s understandably a big decision to choose a person that will live in and administer care in your home and the question of which live-in carer is right for you and your family is a big one.

The person you are looking for is somebody that you can see not only living with you or your loved on long-term, but somebody who meets all of your chosen criteria too. You need somebody with all the right skills to care for you but also somebody you can trust and get along with.

Many people explore the route of choosing which live in carer they want independently – some people choose to have a live in care company help them.

Each method has its pros and cons and the customer needs to weigh up these advantage or disadvantages based on their own personal preferences and circumstances.

Choosing a live in carer with an agency

Many of people opt to approach an agency to help them to find a live in carer, or supply one for them. This way of doing things removes the hassle and stress of finding a live in carer yourself.

Usually a care agency take care of every aspect of the live in care arrangement for you – from sickness and salary arrangements to insurance and care planning.

Each agency has different matching processes – but it generally follows a similar route. Here at Clarendon live-in Care we like to work hard to match customers with a live in carer that we fill will really complement their life and fit seamlessly into their home set-up, whatever that may look like.


Here are a few key pointers to keep in mind when choosing which live in care company you want to contact.

1/ choose the right agency

You must first decide which agency you would like to work with you or your loved one.

It is best to research this carefully and to take gather recommendations rom family and friends whenever possible. There is no better testimonial than a word of mouth recommendation as you can be sure these are an honest appraisal of the care and the service provided.

2/ List Your Criteria

Having an idea of what you want and the reasons why is a key part of the selection process. Some questions you might ask yourself could include:

–    Who would I get along with?

–    Should it be a male or a female carer?

–    Roughly what age would I like them to be?

–    What is their care experience?

–    Do they share my experiences and interests?

3/ Prepare for interviews and meetings

Agencies will offer you meetings with prospective carers so that you can make a decision.

These tend to be informal, not interview-style, but they’re an opportunity to ask questions and get to know the person. Prepare some key questions to ask before the interview. Most of the time you’ll get a feel for whether you’ll work well with the person just through speaking with them, but these questions help you to get a clearer idea of the support they’ll provide.

After all, you need to get on but they also need to be able to do the job properly.

4/ Make a shortlist

Once you’ve met all prospective carers you can make a shortlist. If you’re unsure you can ask friends, family and even the agency for their opinion.

Most often you will have a feel for the person you like the most – you should go with your gut and focus on selecting someone that suits you.

5/ Discuss with family and friends

For additional support you can discuss the selection process with trusted friends and family.

They may be able to offer impartial guidance and insights you might not have thought about.

This person is going to be living with you and looking after you in the long term, so it’s important to get it right.

Bear in mind that with an agency you get the added back up of them replacing your carer if things don’t work out. This should provide you with the peace of mind and confidence to proceed with the person you choose.


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