What is live in (living in) care?

If you or your loved one needs more support as you grow older, it can be hard to know what to do. Moving into a care home might give you access to more assistance, but it can be difficult to uproot from your home and live somewhere unfamiliar.

This is where live in care can help. Live in care is when a carer stays the night in your home, and offers one-to-one support. While they provide active care during the day (e.g. for a period of eight hours), they are also on-hand through the night if you need assistance.

If you aren’t ready to move into a care home, live in care allows you to stay at home and remain close to your local community. Your family can have peace of mind knowing you are safe and well cared for, while you enjoy quality of life.

The benefits of live in home care are:

  • having a unique care plan that is personalised to your needs, interests and lifestyle;
  • avoiding being placed in a residential care facility before you are ready;
  • a live-in professional caregiver can build relationships with family members;
  • consistency in caregivers so you feel comfortable with the people supporting you;
  • a sense of calm from familiar surroundings, especially for those with dementia;
  • ensuring your medical and personal needs are met at night by familiar care workers;
  • reducing the incidence of skin infections and urinary tract infections;
  • minimise risk of falls for those who need assistance with moving around the home (e.g. getting out of bed in the morning)

Live-In Care creates the most consistent and stable environment. Older people who live at home are typically happier, physically and mentally healthier, and more socially active.

With Live-In Care, you or your loved one does not have to pack up and move. Moving is one of the most emotionally stressful events an adult can experience. Older people who are already going through so much change find it particularly stressful. Live-In Care eliminates the stress on you, your loved one and the entire family.

Staying at home enables your loved one to remain part of their local community and close to their family and friends. The home environment keeps them connected and involved with the important people in their lives.

In large institutions, staff are always turning over. There are always new faces. There is a revolving door of other families and their friends. It is challenging to maintain privacy in these environments.

With one-on-one live in care, your loved One’s privacy and dignity are guaranteed. We give you space when you need it.

Your loved one can live their life their way on their terms in their home, where they are the boss. They can get out of bed when they feel like it, not when other people wake them up. They can have breakfast when they are ready, not when staff are rushing them to finish the breakfast shift.

With Live In Care, there is no rush. You live life at your pace and take the time to enjoy things. It gives older people the freedom to choose how they will spend their days. They remain in charge of their life.

With Live In Care, you don’t need to make any compromises. You get to choose the way you spend your time. You can choose the kind of meals you like (including cultural and national considerations), when you like to eat them, the music you want to listen to, where you go, and who you visit.

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October 4, 2022

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